Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hey, what are you doing here?!

Hehe, the podcast hasn't started yet, so I'm afraid I don't have much content up here yet.

Feel free to add this blog to your feeds, and you'll get updated as soon as everything gets off the ground!

What, you're still here?

Well... I guess I could give you a little look into what I'll be doing with "Whiskers in a Twisted Stitch" while you're here. :D

I plan on making the podcast about an hour long. But don't worry; you won't have to listen to me talk the entire time!

I will mostly be playing great songs and every now and then I'll break in to give you my views on yarns, knitting books, blogs, tips and techniques, and other knitting podcasts.

If you like a particular song or type of song I play please let me know and I'll make an effort to either play the song again on a future podcast or play more stuff like it. I'm here to make your knitting time as enjoyable as possible!