Sunday, June 22, 2008

WiaTS episode 9!

holy crap I'm back.

sorry about that guys. I'm going to ease back into this with an every other week schedule. hopefully I can stick it out. as always I would love to hear from you (if there is anybody left lout there...)

Whiskers in a Twisted Stitch Show Notes
Episode #: 009
Date: 6-22-08

0.01 Intro

0.24 The Underdogs by Jen Foster

4.14 she's baaaack!

4.42 Subterranean by Artemis

10.03 Every Time We Touch by Tourist

13.32 an up date and a new schedule - every other week podcasting.

14.06 Play Like Children by Ethereal

18.03 Rescue by Angular Velocity

22.21 Wild Mountain Thyme by Brobdingnagian Bards

29.19 outro

27.00 Moment of Zen: Cthulhu is my co-pilot by Smart Bomb Radio


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